About Pedro Gonzalez

Hi there! I’m Enviable Scapes owner, and I would like to take care of your landscaping needs!

I love sharing my knowledge about yard care!

I have the blessing of dedicating myself to the care of green spaces, something I do with passion.

I apply the knowledge acquired in 12 years of work and learning, knowing that lush and well-maintained grass can transform any outdoor space, as well as add value to the property where it is located.

My commitment to my clients is to keep their lawns healthy and vibrant, not only in our daily work but also by contributing articles that I publish on our company’s website.

Dedicating myself to lawn care is more than just mowing the grass weekly; it is caring for it as the living being it is, protecting it from pests and weeds, and even knowing how to prevent and/or treat these problems in a timely manner.

In addition to my outdoor work, I also take pleasure in sharing tips and tricks on our website so that you, as a homeowner, can put them into practice to enhance the quality of your yard and save money on its maintenance.