How often should I water my new sod?

New Sod, New Questions

Got a fresh roll of stunning new sod in your yard and wondering how often to water it? You’re not alone!

We’ve got the lowdown on making sure your sod thrives, and we’re making it as easy as watering your favorite plant. Here’s the deal:

it’s all about the right amount and the right timing, and your lush, green benefits are just a hose away!

Day One Deluge

When your new sod is first installed, it’s thirsty! Give it a good soaking right after installation.

Aim for around 1 inch of water to ensure those roots make a solid connection with the soil.

This initial drench will set the stage for a beautiful lawn.

Baby Steps to Bliss

In the first couple of weeks, water your new sod every day.

But don’t go overboard – a gentle, even soaking will do the trick.

This encourages those young roots to grow deep and strong, ensuring your lawn’s long-term health.

Tune it Down Gradually

As your new sod gets older (around 2-3 weeks in), start reducing your watering frequency.

Transition to every other day, then every third day, and so on.

The goal is to train your lawn to be more drought-resistant and less dependent on your daily TLC.

Mother Nature’s Cue

One golden rule: always be in tune with the weather.

If it’s been raining, give your sprinklers a break. If it’s hot and dry, step up your watering game a bit.

Flexibility is the key to a thriving lawn.

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